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April 17 2010

So ended a war begun for no wise purpose carried on with a strange mixture of rashness and timidity and brought to a close after suffering and disaster without much of glory attaching either to the government which directed or the great body of the troops which waged it 

Afghanistan, upon the withdrawal of British Troops, 1842

April 13 2010

April 09 2010

Brown Bag Lunch: Methods for Semantic Discovery, Annotation and Mediation

AI3:::Adaptive Information

Friday   Brown Bag Lunch

Mediating semantic heterogeneities requires tools and automation (or semi-automation) at scale. But existing tools are still crude and lack across-the-board integration. This is one of the next challenges in getting more widespread acceptance of the semantic Web.

In earlier posts, I described the significant progress in climbing the data federation pyramid, today’s evolution in emphasis...

April 08 2010

April 02 2010

Brown Bag Lunch: Sources and Classification of Semantic Heterogeneities

AI3:::Adaptive Information

Friday  Brown Bag Lunch

Semantic mediation — that is, resolving semantic heterogeneities — must address more than 40 discrete categories of potential mismatches from units of measure, terminology, language, and many others. These sources may derive from structure, domain, data or language.

Earlier postings in this recent series traced the progress in climbing the data federation pyramid to today’s current...

April 01 2010

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